Korean Association for Laboratory Animal Science (KALAS) has grown continuously building a 30 year history in the harsh domestic environment for laboratory animals with the help of our devoted members. I am very grateful for those who put remarkable effort into this association including our former President, officers and members.

Recent laboratory animal study areas have expanded to studies on genetically modified animals, medium-to-large sized animals and primates along with the development of medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and biological sciences. Also, the institutional arrangements are being strengthened through 『Animal Protection Law』and the『Regulations on Laboratory Animals』 , accompanied by the rapid development of laboratory animal facilities and equipment.

To be recognized as a professional association nationally as well as internationally and to adapt to the environment, we will be promoting such major businesses.

First of all, the Lab. Anim. Res. would like to build a foundation to be listed on SCIE/SCOPUS. Lab. Anim. Res. was listed on the International Journal of specialized academic website, PubMed, with the help of the editorial board and executives. However, in order to become an outstanding association journal, it must be listed on SCIE/SCOPUS. We will continue to support for the listing.

Secondly, we will work for the harmony among the laws relating to laboratory animals. With the effort of the association, the agencies relating to laboratory animal and the government agencies,『Animal Protection Law』and the『Regulations on Laboratory Animals』has been established so that the system of laboratory animal welfare is being organized. However, some matters are to be addressed institutionally and it is necessary to establish the ground for the adjustment between contradicting laws.

Thirdly, we want to build a more stable conference system with a better quality. Through globalization and advancement of the conference, we will build a computerized conference application and gain efficient management.

Fourthly, our association will strive for the institution’s the official certificate of the laboratory animal technician for the improvement of the laboratory animal institute’s position. We will continually support the consultation with the government agency to provide system for the official certificate of the laboratory animal technician and fulfill the education requirements and support for the betterment of professionalism.

Lastly, I sincerely give thanks to all the members on behalf of the Korean Association for Laboratory Animal Science, and ask for continuous support so that we can improve our association for the next 30 years.

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